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Segways & Snark.

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

What do Segways, burritos, drones, and musical chairs have in common? Strangely enough, the answer is Microsoft Office 365. But only because the creative minds of Jones Advertising realized these disparate elements were the perfect way to illustrate the benefits of Microsoft’s cloud-based software service. Jones Advertising developed a campaign featuring a cast of quirky co-workers that collaborate on the job just a little bit differently.

The Jones video production crew employed a variety of video equipment and techniques to capture all the irreverent action. To effectively follow the three coworkers as they tooled through the office on Segways, the Jones team used their new MoVI stabilizer. They also used their 12’ jib to provide big sweeping movements and a dynamic view over cubicle walls. The erratic flight plan for the drone proved even more challenging, so more hand-held camera work was required to capture its unpredictable movement.

The finished spots made their debut on a new Microsoft sponsored web series for business leaders and garnered critical praise and positive feedback. The entire Jones team had a great time working on these spots, and we hope you enjoy them too. Please share your comments below and share the video online.


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