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Production Diary: Stunt Driving.

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

How do you film a car crash without crashing a car? Go behind the scenes with Seattle ad agency, Jones Advertising, to see how we created the award-winning Slow Down or Pay Up “Speed Safety” campaign for the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC).

The number of accidents and fatalities caused by speeding was steadily increasing on specific roadways in Snohomish and Pierce Counties. WTSC wanted to run a test campaign on specific roadways and alert drivers of extra enforcement tactics. Research showed that even the image of a police car causes drivers to reduce their speed.

Jones Advertising designed road signs featuring police cars with the words “Speed Law Strictly Enforced,” along with outdoor boards and posters to alert drivers of the new signs and their meanings. The signs were clear and concise, with statements such as, “Consider this your warning.”

This TV ad, “Speed,” was shot on a Red One camera and produced in cooperation with North by Northwest Productions (NxNW) in Spokane, WA. From camera truck rigs to car window platforms, this :30 TV ad contains more than 25 different shots including process truck and trailer shots, car window platforms, and dolly shots.

In addition, Jones created a new enforcement focused tagline, “Slow Down or Pay Up,” plus a :60 radio ad called, “No Excuse for Speed,” that received nominations for six Soundie awards (and won three, including best PSA). The radio ad also won Davey Awards, NY Festival Gold Award for Best PSA and took Best in Show at the Ad Age (ADDY) awards.

The result? People slowed down! According to a WTSC press release, officers reported an improvement in compliance and lower average speeds on targeted roadways.


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